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How to Cure Vitiligo                         

As per American Vitiligo Research Foundation, vitiligo is incurable disease. But to get recovery from vitiligo, there are many treatments or therapies are used. The most popular vitiligo cure product is Anti Vitiligo Oil.

Anti Vitiligo oil: (A Homeopathic treatment):

It is an oil produced from natural herbs or plants, whose function is give skin nourishment in natural way, so that skin cells gets moisturizer, and start producing pigments cells. Anti Vitiligo oil is a product free from all chemicals that consider dangerous for skin, can be suitable for all different types of skins, with no side effects.  

In reference to cure or get recovery from vitiligo, there are many other treatments that are given to patients; like

  • Psychotherapy
  • Topical steroid therapy
  • Photochemotherapy
  • Ayurvedic treatment
  • Skin grafts using blisters
  • Tattooing

Psychotherapy is basically used to aware the people that there are a lot of treatments for vitiligo patients that can help a patient to get recovery from the disease.

Topical steroid therapy:

It is effective for many inflammatory skin types including atopic, psoriasis etc. Topical steroid should be according to the skin type of patient, other wise it leaves many side effects that is dangerous for the skin. More on topical application, which includes creams, lotions should be applied in a thin layer of skin. Massage of these creams in to affected area one to three times in a day generates positive result. Many topical applications are full of chemicals in nature, thus try to use those which are herbal in nature with no side effects.


Photochemotherapy or light therapy is conducted through the ultra violet rays. Psoralen is a drug that is used in this kind of therapy. The usage of psoralen tablets the length of UVA rays should be avoided in case of children’s, as it causes skin cancer.

Ayurvedic treatment:

Diet plays a major role to get recovery from the disease, and especially if diet is consists on nutritional factors. In Ayurvedic treatment much emphasis is given to patient to take diet along with medicines.  In this reason Babchi oil is recommended, physician also advice the patient of vitiligo to use copper utensils and many others calcium, vitamins tablets to minimize the nutritional deficiency in body, as it is considered another cause of vitiligo.

Skin grafts using blisters:

If a body part is losing pigments in skin, then in this treatment physician take the pigment producing cells from different others parts of body and transfer it to the depigmentary part of the body.


Tattooing is a marking conducting through the inserting indelible ink in to the layer of the skin, called dermis. It changes the coloring or pigments cells of skin completely. In many cases it is seen that due to the making of tattoos in body, cells become depigmented and skin shows white patches.




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